People who Are related to blogging and web development in any way are somehow familar with the words google Keyword planner and SEO . Keyword research is major technique or a very essential step In doing On page seo . And many newbies face problems while starting with keyword research, even i also faced this same problem. So here in this article i am describing about How to sign up for google keyword planner and use it for keyword research. So let's begin ..


What Is google keyword planner?

Google keyword planner is a free tool offered by google adwords to help you in Keyword research.
Actually it is provided to you for free to do keyword research for adwords that is a google campaign in which you pay for showing your websites in google searches. But most of the bloggers use it only to get data about searches on their keywords. I hope you got my point about google keyword planner's basic idea. In my next posts i will explain it further.
Using this tool you can research for:
  • Keyword ideas based on a phrase, landing page or product category
  • Average monthly search volume for a specific period
  • Search volume trends for a single keyword or group of keywords over time
  • Suggested bids and competition of the keyword.

How to sign up  for google keyword planner?

Many newbies face problems in accessing Google keyword planner. Generally they do not use correct way To signup for adwords and then they are asked to set up ad campaigns Asking some payment.
So here I am telling you step by step How to access google keyword planner without Adwords campaign.
So lets start:

  • Now Click on continue and enter you email address which has not been used on adwords before
  • Now select the country as united states And click on continue.

  • Now verify your email by signing in by entering your gmail id and password.
  • Now wait for page to load and after you see menus click on tools and then Keyword planner.
  • Now you can use google keyword planner for keyword research.

How to use Google keyword planner For keyword research?

While searching for keyword ideas remember to clear your mind it means that you should be clear that on which topic you want to write. Sometimes we search for keywords that are not of our niche and due to massive searches we choose them.But at last we are not able to write on them ,as a result we start copying posts from google . It results in complete failure and we leave blogging.
So it is my personal advise that you should only choose those keywords on which you can write.


  1. Be clear about your niche.
  2. Search for keyword you want to rank.
  3. Note the avg. searches on related keywords in a notepad file 
  4. choose a main keyword On which you are going to focus
  5. Now Only choose limited keywords , don't use more than enough keywords.
  6. Now when you are ready with your data Start writing your posts and use your keywords wisely according to their search count.
Thats It ..... Remember these things while writing your posts In my next articles i will be telling you more about SEO and Keyword research. I hope you are clear about keyword Research and google keyword planner. If you still have questions you can ask them in Comment box below or by email..
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