Getting traffic is one of the major aim Of bloggers. But this is the only thing for which we work hard. So good traffic building strategy is very important for a blogger. Everyone wants huge traffic on their blogs. But if they do not Do proper on page SEO and Off page SEO techniques then all their hard work is waste. So here i am sharing how to get instant Traffic to your blog in few minutes.
Get instant traffic

What is social traffic?

The traffic that you get from social media is called Social traffic. After a blog post you immediately need to share your content to social media so that people could visit your blog . This Traffic referred by social media is called social traffic.

What are the different social media For sharing blog post?

How tp get traffic to blog

There are many social medias or social platforms to share your blog's content. But some major Social platforms nowdays are listed below
There are many other social platforms available i have listed only Major ones . My favourite is Google+ because it Helps to bring istant traffic to my blog post . So here  i am sharing a way to get instant traffic from Google+ .

How to get instant traffic to your blog By Google+?

If you want some instant traffic to your blog then Google+ is for you. Here you can get Free instant social traffic in a few minutes by following these steps. This trick is for those people who are patient. If you can't keep patience then please don't read this trick.
So Follow these steps :
  1. Open Plus.google.com in your browser or simply open Google+ app In your android (It is easy to use on android)
  2. Now Login with your Google account 
  3. Now in search bar Search keywords related to Your blog's niche and join All large Quantities related to your niche.
  4. Like if my niche is "blogging" so i would simply search blogging and would join a communities related to blogging and Money making.
  5. Now Copy the post title and A paragraph description of your blog's post And paste it in "New post" (usually a pencil icon in right corner of bottom) in any community and now at the end Add an attractive tag line for your blog post to attract readers and paste the link to your post .
  6. You can see a link preview to your blog's post . Now copy the whole setup : Including post title , description,tag line , link to your blog post  and post it in every community you have joined with appropriate Post category.
  7. Share as many as you can
  8. Now after doing this just Watch your stats you will definitely get some instant traffic
How to get instant Traffic to blog

Trick Proof:

Just immediately after my blog post

After few minutes of sharing by trick:


Now This is just a small trick to get some instant readers. But you have to do proper SEO set up to get your blog ranked and to get some organic traffic that are very important for a blog. So i hope this trick helped you If you have problem in qny of steps Pls do comment and keep visiting for more new tricks

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