10 Important Google URLs that Every Google User should know 

Whenever we say word Google the thing that quickly comes into our mind is internet.
Google is the most used search engine in the world . Also it is one of the best search engines. It is user friendly and have answers to almost all questions. Google is lke a teacher,a friend from which we can ask anything no matters how stupid is our question It will always answer it best.

 But we think that Google is our best friend and we can ask it anything and it will not disclose your searches. But you should know google knows you more than you know your self. It keeps a record of every user that searches on internet.
What does Google know about the places you’ve visited recently?
 What are your interests as determined by Google? 
Where does Google keep a list of every word that you’ve ever typed in the search box? 
Where can you get a list of Google ads that were of interest to you?

Top 10 URLs to Reveal google's Secrets:

Google stores all your Data privately. These are hidden deep inside your google dashboard account and these may reveal interesting things about it. So here are 10 important URLs, links that will unlock everything that is known to google only. So lets find Out .

1.Search History 

Google have record of everything you typed and searched on google or youtube. It has record of every video you watched on youtube,Every ad you clicked on various sites and if you are a new google user it also has records of your recent audio searches

history.google.com (Google searches)
history.google.com/history/audio (Voice searches)youtube.com/feed/history (YouTube searches and watched videos)

2. Password history

Google stores a list of various usernames and passwords that you had entered in google chrome or in android for logging into various websites.

3. Ads profile

Google records sites you visit and makes a basic profile on the basis of websites you visit guessing your age,gender and uses this info to serve you best ads.


4.  Signup to gmail with another mail

Whenever we make a new gmail account it asks for an existing @gmail.com account. But we can also use another mail for signup process by following link.

5. DMCA complaint

You can raise a DMCA complaint on any site if you find your content shared there without your permission . You can raise complaint to get that content removed from that particular site. Google has a very simple wizard for this

6.  Location History

Your android may send your recent location to Google along with some other details. Check below

7.  Permission history

This particular link will tell you the complete list of web apps that have access to your google account.


8. All data download

Google allows you to export all your data out of Google Ecosystem. You can download all of your google photos, contacts ,Gmail messages ,even your youtube videos check below to get download links.

9.  Account inactiveness

Do you know that google will terminate your account if you are not active for last 9 months. So people who has multiple account can set up their main Account as trusted contact to other accounts so google will send reminders after definite time periods so that you log in to those accounts .

10. Who logged in your Google account?

You can see a log of every device that has recently connected to your account. You can also get their IP addresses with some approximate geographic locations.


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Final words

Now i hope that you are aware about some things that are known to google about you. There is much more to be discovered. But don't panic because Google never discloses this data to anyone so your data is in safe hands. This was just a informative article.

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